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Evangelism Outreach to Homeless

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Greetings Beloved Readers and Church Family!

Image Credit: "Homeless Jesus" by: Timothy Schmalz
Image Credit:
“Homeless Jesus”
by: Timothy Schmalz

As you know, Joint Heirs Ministries’ Evangelism Outreach is ready to take off. You, beloved members of Joint Heirs Ministries International, Inc., are already part of our yearly Thanksgiving Day Celebration Outreach, as we prepare a meal to share with those in the community who are needy and/or lonely. Our goal with this outreach is to share the love of Jesus with them, while sharing a home cooked Thanksgiving meal to fill their bellies.

Our next outreach is for the homeless in our community, and we need everyone’s help with this. We are asking each member of the church to donate a thermal blanket so that we can make sure the homeless who are turned away from the Christian Shelter in Salsibury, MD will be given a blanket to help keep them warm. If you are able to donate more than one blanket, praise the Lord! That would be wonderful. Please bring your blanket offering(s) to the church by Sunday, December 15, 2013, so that we can pray over each of the blankets before we distribute them. By praying over the blankets, though we may never personally know every person that receives one, we can know that every time they cover themselves with the blanket we donated and prayed over, they are being covered by our prayers for their salvation, their deliverance and their lives.

Image Credit: Homeless Feet Artist Unknown
Image Credit:
Homeless Feet
Artist Unknown

For you beloved readers, who are not members of  Joint Heirs Ministries International, Inc., and feel led to donate blankets, may the Lord bless you for your kindness! You may send blankets to the address below. If you feel led to send a monetary gift for the church to use to purchase more blankets for the homeless, please send a check made payable to Joint Heirs Ministries to the address below, and in the memo section of your check, write blankets

Joint Heirs Ministries International, Inc.
7040 Morris Rd.
Pittsville, MD 21850

In addition to blanket donations, we are also going to begin an ongoing, year ’round project for sleeping mats for the homeless. This sleeping mat will be water resistant, and can be easily rolled up and carried as the person moves around. Also, this project will cost us nothing more than our time, and the purchase of one crochet hook, a pair of scissors, plastic grocery bags and our time and prayers. It sounds kind of crazy, doesn’t it? Just take a few minutes to watch the following video and see what we will be doing…

Isn’t this awesome? Everyone, please start saving those bags and use them to make bedding. I know we’re small church, but we’re mighty in the Lord, Just think of the men, women and children we can help, by doing something as easy as this! For those of you who already know how to crochet, please let Elder Cheryl or Sister Shanika know if you would be willing to help others who don’t already know how to crochet, learn how to do it.

Hallelujah! This is just the beginning of our evangelism outreach to the homeless. As we help them with some of their basic needs and pray for them, sharing the love of Christ with them, while lifting Jesus up, He will draw them to Himself, and I believe that He will save many, Therefore, as we minister to the homeless, let this scripture anchor us…

34 “Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry, and you fed Me. I was thirsty, and you gave Me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited Me into your home. 36 I was naked, and you gave Me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for Me. I was in prison, and you visited Me.’ ~ Matthew 25:34-36